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Cloud Warning

With Bright Orange, your information is stored on your computer not in the Cloud. This ensures that you always have access and full control over your data. We recommend backing up to the cloud or an external hard drive, but with Bright Orange, the core data is always located on your Salon computer.

Your Data is Your Data.
At Bright Orange Salon Software, we have purposely not developed a cloud-based program. After speaking with many clients, we found that salons using a cloud solution were not able to access their data if the Internet was down, sometimes for days at a time. Others complained about losing data and found it difficult and, at times, impossible to get a copy of their own data, being told they could export part of the data but not all of it.

Cloud Warning

IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. We don’t understand how any software company cannot or will not give back your own data. With Bright Orange YOUR Data is on YOUR computer. With the benefit of having your data on your own computer, we can then help with a cloud back-up solution.

AND you are always able to remotely access your software 24/7, without interrupting the salon from using the software at the same time

Questions to ask before buying your new Software.

Before choosing your Salon Software we highly recommend that you ask the following questions and check the terms and conditions of all products you are comparing.

We have found that some software companies have it included within their T&Cs that, upon cancellation, they may permanently delete all content and data.

  • What happens to my information and data if the software company ceases operation?
  • Am I able to have a copy of my entire database any time I’d like it? And is there a cost?
  • What happens if the Internet is not working?
  • What happens to my information/database if I decide to cancel the agreement or change to another software provider?
  • If the database has a password, am I able to have the password so that we can access the data?
  • Is there any type of encryption that would stop me from being able to access the data without your software?
  • Does the software company have access to my data?

Make the Right Decision for your business.

Don’t hand over your goodwill and valuable information - it could cost you thousands.

What most people don’t understand is that all of the data is linked in some way. Client information is linked to a service, a product, past and future appointments, number of visits and marketing criteria. So when you just export client contact details you may lose all of the other linked information.

With Bright Orange your database is installed on your computer so you have access anytime you need it - we cannot access the data without your permission.

If Bright Orange Salon Software is not right for your salon then you should be able to take your data and information to another software company and have them convert it, just as we convert theirs to Bright Orange.

You also have the option to back up your database to the cloud using our service or simply backup to a USB flash drive.

One last thing to consider:

Is there a guarantee of satisfaction with their software?

At Bright Orange, if you decide you’re not happy with our software you can give 30 days notice via email. And you will still have complete control over your valuable data, as it is stored on your own hard drive.

We don’t like hearing stories about salon owners being refused access to their own database or that a 3rd party has access to it. As a Salon owner, we believe you should have full access and control over your database.

Some other software companies only allow you to export part of your data but it’s essential that you have access to all your information including clients contact details, history about their product purchases, services and appointments as a single unencrypted file.

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